AAA Mammoth Tree Service

AAA Mammoth Tree Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The first and clearest sign of a pest or disease issue will be seen with the leaves of the tree. If your trees start to exhibit widespread yellowing, prematurely dead leaves or large numbers of holes, it's time to call the pros at AAA Mammoth Tree Service.

Depending on your exact needs, we'll create a customized tree removal package that can include stump removal if desired. By allowing you to pick and choose from our services offering, we ensure that get exactly the tree services you want.

In general, we provide quotes after first seeing the tree or trees in question, but we are competitive to all tree service providers in Tucson. Certain factors, such as proximity to power lines or excessive tree height could result in extra charges.

Absolutely! Wood from a tree removal can be used in many ways, not least of which would be a cozy wood stove during winter. Not only will we leave the wood with you if desired, but we can also provide extra cutting services as well.

If you want the healthiest possible trees and plants, then routine pruning and trimming is a must. In addition to removing potentially-dangerous dead limbs, our pruning process will allow your trees to grow as well as possible, thus increasing their health.

At AAA Mammoth Tree Service, we treat each tree individually and a dig for a new planting will depend on the species being planted and its specific needs. As a general rule, we'll create a hole that's at least 2-3x the width of the root ball.

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